Wound management can make up to 40 per cent of district nurses’ caseloads. Prior to using the Health Call Wound Care app, district nurses in County Durham were using System One templates to assess and review patients but there was no function to allow for photo sharing.

Patients have better outcomes when staff can perform assessments and create appropriate care plans which are reviewed as needed.

Use of photos are recognised as good practice for assessing wound improvement and can reduce the need for complex reassessment and possibly inappropriate referral.

How the Wound Care app works

The Wound Care app has been designed to mimic the wound assessment and review template. District nurses can also take photos of the wound.

The nurse completes a short online form, if the patient consents, they can have up to four images taken.

The images are then pulled directly into the patient’s electronic record. No patient information is stored on the device locally.

Product features

  • Mimics wound assessment and review templates
  • Able to schedule review assessments
  • Photo is stored in the app and not on the local device
  • Integrates with electronic patient record
body map

The tool allows staff to highlight where the wound is on the body.

Benefits of the Wound Care app

  • Photos provide objective assessment
  • Improved joint assessment with tissue viability
  • Improved ability to triage referrals and ensure that nurses have the right dressings when visiting patients
  • Reduced footfall to care homes
  • Reduced duplication of work
  • Reduced travel by clinicians
  • Improved ability to communicate with other health care professionals e.g. GPs, tissue viability nurses, surgeons
  • Supports rapid reviews
  • Ensures appropriate dressing usage


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