The Challenge

COVID Oximetry @home from Health Call was developed in collaboration with front line NHS teams; the pathway allows eligible patients early discharge from hospital. By using real-time data transfer which is delivered to the right person in the right place at the right time providing both patients and clinical teams with the reassurance that healthcare can be continually monitored safely at home.

How does the COVID Oximetry @home work?

  • Patients deemed eligible can be discharged from hospital earlier
  • Twice a day patients will provide their breathing rate, heart rate, oxygen saturation, temperature (if patient has a thermometer), type of oxygen supply and various details which may be indicative of deterioration via their app
  • The digital solution automatically triages submissions and provides a safety net for those who do not respond within 24 hours, in the form of an alert to clinical teams
  • Clinical Teams closely monitor patient’s responses

There is also the option for COVID Oximetry @home to be used as a ‘step up’ solution for patients under the care of their GP to be monitored safety in their own home.


What are the benefits of the COVID Oximetry @home?

  • Informed decision making – Clinical teams have access to patients data which means that they are able to make better-informed decisions around the care of their patients. The data is integrated into the clinical systems
  • Empowering patients to manage and monitor their health. NHS Health Call supports patients to understand their health meaning patients feel better care for
  • Remote monitoring of appropriate patients frees up healthcare professionals capacity, and allows resources to be used more effectively
  • Set-up can be made bespoke for each patient with regards to the times of day the surveys are issued and expected oxygen saturation parameters
  • Patients receive instant automatic advice relevant to their submissions
  • Appropriate clinician access to the solution and relevant patient submission is simple – clinicians can be assigned to an administration centre appropriate to the patients they are known to
  • Submission data integrated with clinical systems and can be extracted easily from the platform for crucial analysis and reporting
  • Adopting this solutions means that more patients can be monitored using the same resources without compromising on patient care and quality
  • Reuniting patients with relatives
  • Reducing the risk of further infections
  • Frees up bed space, therefore increasing capacity