The Challenge

  • Friends & Family feedback surveys that are sent through the post result in low response rates
  • This requires staff resource to collate and input responses, decreasing efficiency in the system

how does the health call friends & family service work?

The Friends & Family service from Health Call allows trusts to collect patient feedback surveys autonomously.

The NHS Friends and Family Test was launched by NHS England in 2013 to allow people who use NHS services the opportunity to provide feedback, anonymously, on their experience. It helps service providers and commissioners understand whether their patients are happy with the service provided, or where improvements are needed.

The service uses digital text messaging to send reminders and an online portal to collate results, decreasing allocated staff resource and increasing efficiency.

What are the benefits of the Health Call friends & family service?

  • Key stats XX%
  • Significant boost in patient responses
  • A fulltime member of staff who previously coordinated the paper responses is now freed up to dedicate time to looking at trends and service development


It’s such a simple fix but it is already having such a big impact. The platform has streamlined the process of collating feedback by removing timely and costly reliance on paper surveys. We have also seen a significant rise in the number of responses we are receiving from patients and the digital survey allows for more detailed responses, which is incredibly valuable to us.