Why the need for a digital care home service?

  • Care homes have no direct access to NHS IT systems
  • The phone is predominately used to contact the wider health system wasting hours and often repeating themselves
  • No ability for clinical staff to remotely monitor residents in care homes

How does the care home service work?

The Digital Care Home service from Health Call allows care home staff to refer patients details to clinical teams using a secure portal, such as a website or app.

Using the SBAR (situation, background, assessment and recommendation) Tool, staff are able to provide clinical observations such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation and temperature, whilst also providing details of their concerns. The system calculates the National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) score based on the information provided.

This information can be pulled through to the patient’s electronic record on widely used systems such as EMIS and SystmOne, making it available to all appropriate clinical staff.

In addition to this, other Health Call products can act as plugins for the Health Call Digital Care Home Service, meaning an even greater level of care can be achieved for residents and patients.



Care home staff provide clinical readings through a secure portal or app to clinical teams

What are the benefits of the Health Call care home monitoring service?

  • Empowered care home staff
  • Better informed clinicians enabling improved caseload management
  • 30% reduction in community nursing visits
  • Reduced hospital admissions by an average of 2 per home per month
  • Less time spent on the phone resulting in more time with residents
  • Reassured relatives
  • Reduced duplication of work
  • Residents feeling better cared for and more involved in their own care





As a result of Health Call Digital Care Home, I am called out less by the care staff when they are worried about a resident

Health Call Digital Care Home works with us and gets the information to where it needs to be without spending ages on the phone

Before Health Call, as nurses, we did not know what we were walking into, we just had been informed the patient was unwell. We now have good observational measurement and an outline from carers describing signs and symptoms.

The background information, such as how long the patient has been unwell is invaluable. It helps us as ANP staff to triage which patient we need to see first, this is especially important when there can be long distances between care homes.

When Mr X was unwell, I was able to reassure him and his family by recording his observations, once I have uploaded these and gave some background on how he was feeling, I received some feedback instructing me to take his temperature again and when to do this. He has recently finished antibiotics for a chest infection, and I thought it was starting again. The nurse came and prescribed a further course. Before Healthcall I would have had to either call for a GP or send him to hospital. Now he was able to be kept at home, where he and his family wanted him to be.


Digital Care Home Leaflet

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