On warfarin? Why wait? Test yourself…

If you are on long-term warfarin and you live in the North East of England, you now have the opportunity to self test at home.

At the moment you will be having your blood tested regularly by a healthcare professional to monitor your blood coagulation (INR). This usually means travelling to an anticoagulation clinic regularly.

CoaguChek ® XS from Roche is an easy-to-use, portable, self monitoring device. CoaguChek XS enables you to check your INR at your own convenience, giving you greater freedom and control of your life. After a simple prick to your finger, the CoaguChek XS device enables you to self-monitor at home or even abroad.

If you live in the County Durham and Darlington region, you may be eligible for the digital INR self-testing service.

The digital INR self-testing service connects you to your nurse or GP remotely. Your nurse or doctor will provide you with a Roche CoaguChek device which you can take home with you. Your doctor or nurse will then arrange a convenient day and time for you to carry out your tests. At the agreed time, you will receive an automated phone call which will ask you to submit your reading.

You will no longer have to attend appointments and take time out of your day. Instead, you can manage your warfarin as and when it suits you.

Even if you live in other areas of the North East, register your details below and we will get back to you.

Am I suitable for warfarin self-monitoring?

Anyone on long-term warfarin with reasonable eyesight and manual dexterity may be suitable for warfarin self-monitoring. There is no age limit. A carer can also support self-monitoring. NICE (the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) has published guidance recommending INR self-testing.

Still not sure? Watch this video and see one of our patients Derek Jones monitor his INR from home.


What are the benefits of warfarin self-monitoring?

  • Enjoy greater independence and quality of life
  • Save time and money associated with clinic visits
  • Have an improved feeling of wellbeing
  • Reduce your risk of a stroke, bleeding and clots

You will no longer have to attend appointments and take time out of your day. Instead, you can manage your warfarin as and when it suits you.

Interested in the INR self-testing service? Here is what to do now...

Download our patient information leaflet

This leaflet details all you need to know about warfarin self-monitoring.

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Interested in the service?

If you want to know more or if you want to be referred onto the service, either call the Roche Careline on 0808 100 7666 or use the link below to submit your details.

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Still not sure if warfarin self-testing is for you?

Watch our video of one of our patients Derek Jones and understand the benefits self-testing as brought to him.

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