Health Call lunch clubs tackle undernutrition, social isolation and loneliness by Catherine McShane on 24th January 2017

The Health Call Undernutrition service is now delivering lunch clubs for those at risk of undernutrition and for those feeling isolated. The Health Call lunch clubs are being run alongside Age UK Darlington and technology partner Inhealthcare. Following an initial assessment, patients are referred to the lunches weekly for three months, where they are weighed and have access to specialist […]

Health Call and Durham Council at HETT 2021 by Health Call on 12th February 2021

If you missed our presentation at HETT here a video we shared which explains a bit more about the Digital Care Home project in County Durham. Sarah Douglas from Durham Council and Catherine McShane who works for County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust worked together to implement the care home project across 124 sites. […]

During Nutrition and Hydration Week, Catherine McShane talks about a new programme tackling social isolation and undernutrition in Darlington by Catherine McShane on 15th March 2017

It makes perfect sense to me that social isolation and undernutrition are both a cause and consequence of each other. Most of us have probably experienced a time when we have lived on our own and needed to cook for just ourselves. Making a meal for one person can be a chore; often we choose […]

Digital Care Homes Blog by Fiona McDonald, Health Call Clinical Lead (Primary & Community Care) on 30th April 2020

Covid-19 has caught our care homes in the spotlight of media attention this week. Funding streams, ownership, governance and the availability of basic IT equipment such as wifi, PC’s, tablets or email is variable. As we approach more than four weeks of lockdown, and the increased reporting on death in care homes from Covid-19 not […]

Cyber Essentials accreditation by healthcall on 10th December 2020

This week we gained our Cyber Essentials accreditation. This is means we can demonstrate to our customers that we meet the nationally recognised standard when it comes to cyber security. Cyber security and protection of IT systems is vital – we all remember the devastating impact of the WannaCry on the NHS and our colleagues. […]

Case study: Digital Care Home by Health Call on 1st March 2021

Health Call’s Digital Care Home is a digital solution that enables trained care home staff to send observational data for residents to hospital staff. This means a clinical decision can be made regarding the resident so that clinical teams can manage and prioritise patients, based on their observational data. It also allows for routine observations […]

Case study with Derek Jones: INR Self Testing Service by Health Call on 16th March 2021

A new digital health screening service developed by County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust is transforming the lives of patients who take anticoagulant medication. Anticoagulant medicines are most commonly prescribed for people who have a condition caused by a blood clot, such as deep vein thrombosis or pulmonary embolism. It may also be used […]

An unprecedented year and how the traditional model of care of respiratory patients has changed by Fiona McDonald on 23rd September 2020

Joel D. Howel, in 2010 wrote an essay on the past and future of primary care (Albeit from an American perspective), but in it the synergies between war and consequential changes to healthcare practice are clearly articulated. 2020 has been a war, not a traditional war, but a global pandemic that has seen widespread change […]