Top tips on what to look for in a digital health provider by Dr Ian Briggs on 27th October 2015

As the NHS begins to embrace digital health, this seems to be an increasingly popular question being asked by service managers and clinicians. There is no doubt that thoughtfully applied digital health and information resources will play a major role in creating improved clinical outcomes and effective self-management and health and social care. So, in an ever […]

Telehealth – what’s stopping us? by Catherine McShane on 12th November 2015

It’s no new news that health care services are facing their biggest challenge in providing high quality care for all now and for future generations. The NHS needs to provide services that are available when needed, in a way that is both convenient and meets patient needs. Using technology to support the delivery of health […]

How can digital health play a part in providing high quality care for those with a long term condition? by Dr Ian Briggs on 16th February 2016

NHS England are running an initiative aiming to enhance the quality of life for the 15.4 million people in England living with a long term condition. The Long Term Conditions Improvement Programme works to deliver high quality person centred care for people with long term conditions, based on a service improvement approach. In an interview […]

The proof is in the pudding: NHS Health Call Undernutrition by Catherine McShane on 16th March 2016

The pilot of the NHS Health Call Undernutrition service in County Durham and Darlington evidenced great benefits: Reducing travel time and cost Positive patient and carer feedback Increase in clinician capacity Increase in cost efficiencies Improvement in appropriate prescribing of oral nutrition supplements (ONS) Whilst I have always passionately believed that other organisations could reap the same […]

How our care home undernutrition service is enhancing care in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, Northern Ireland by Catherine McShane on 18th March 2016

Our award winning undernutrition service is improving the quality of care for residents in care homes through increased monitoring. The care Home undernutrition service has been commissioned and piloted by the Southern Health and Social Care Trust in Northern Ireland, resulting in more proactive treatment, due to regular telephone reviews and the timely response of dietitians. The […]

Leading anticoagulation dosing provider joins Health Call INR self-testing service by Ian Dove on 8th June 2016

Warfarin therapy is prescribed to 10,000 patients in the County Durham and Darlington region to reduce the risk of strokes, and we are delighted to announce that we now provide a fully integrated INR self-testing service with 4S DAWN, a trusted anticoagulation dosing software supplier to over 300 leading healthcare organisations worldwide. County Durham and Darlington […]

Health Call lunch clubs tackle undernutrition, social isolation and loneliness by Catherine McShane on 24th January 2017

The Health Call Undernutrition service is now delivering lunch clubs for those at risk of undernutrition and for those feeling isolated. The Health Call lunch clubs are being run alongside Age UK Darlington and technology partner Inhealthcare. Following an initial assessment, patients are referred to the lunches weekly for three months, where they are weighed and have access to specialist […]

During Nutrition and Hydration Week, Catherine McShane talks about a new programme tackling social isolation and undernutrition in Darlington by Catherine McShane on 15th March 2017

It makes perfect sense to me that social isolation and undernutrition are both a cause and consequence of each other. Most of us have probably experienced a time when we have lived on our own and needed to cook for just ourselves. Making a meal for one person can be a chore; often we choose […]

Jackie Smart joins the Health Call team by Jackie Smart on 30th November 2017

I’m very excited to be joining the Health Call team. As many of you will know I’ve been working on TECS (Technology Enabled Care Services) since 2011 & I’ve seen some massive changes in that time. As a region, the North East of England has led the way, with some great examples of how TECS […]

Health Call partnership brings digital health to 3 million people by Health Call on 30th November 2017

Press Release As digital technology increasingly offers exciting opportunities to enhance and transform the way patients are cared for, a number of NHS Trusts across the North East have made a formal agreement to collaborate on digital health services for the benefit of their patients. County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust has been effectively […]

Why Health Call? by Ian Dove on 20th July 2018

I am regularly asked about Health Call. What it is, why it was created and why certain secondary care organisations are not included in the partnership. Health Call is not about which Foundation Trusts are involved or why we haven’t included mental health or primary care organisations. It’s about the system. For which we can […]

Digital Care Homes Blog by Fiona McDonald, Health Call Clinical Lead (Primary & Community Care) on 30th April 2020

Covid-19 has caught our care homes in the spotlight of media attention this week. Funding streams, ownership, governance and the availability of basic IT equipment such as wifi, PC’s, tablets or email is variable. As we approach more than four weeks of lockdown, and the increased reporting on death in care homes from Covid-19 not […]