I’m very excited to be joining the Health Call team. As many of you will know I’ve been working on TECS (Technology Enabled Care Services) since 2011 & I’ve seen some massive changes in that time. As a region, the North East of England has led the way, with some great examples of how TECS can enhance our services, in everything from maternity to monitoring patients in care homes. When used correctly our teams have found it really useful & our patients love it!

Given the challenges facing Health & Social Care, we need to build on our experience – technology gives us options to review how we deliver services, engage with & support our citizens in their home environment.

To me Health Call offers our region, the North East & North Cumbria, a fantastic opportunity – a dedicated team that will deliver a standardisation of processes, from development through to implementation. Sharing best practise and learning, enabling it to be deployed at scale across multiple platforms as required.

Owned by the NHS, Health Call will be the ‘go to’ organisation for pathway development, able to engage directly with the people on the ground to deliver solutions that really work for them and the people they support. Also Health Call will ensure any data collected is easily accessible – where they need it to be.

Exciting times, I can’t wait to get started working with our partner organisations.