NHS Health Call Weight Management
September 13, 2016

Healthy weight management in the North East


Health Call has combined the insight of healthcare professionals with award winning technology to launch a healthy weight management service in the North East.

More than two out of three adults in County Durham are overweight and obesity is estimated to cost the local clinical commissioning group more than £100m a year. Public Health England has also named County Durham as one of the top 10 ‘fattest local authorities’ in the UK.

The healthy weight management service is being piloted at County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust for individuals that have been referred to the ‘tier three’ service, a specialist weight management service. These are typically individuals who have not responded to previous care treatments. It has been clinically designed to empower individuals to self-manage and achieve their personal diet and exercise goals to lead to weight loss.

Individuals are registered on the healthy weight management service by their health care professional once their exercise and dietary goals have been identified. The service allows for flexibility to fit in with busy lifestlyes as patients can send information on a day and time that is convenient to them rather than when clinic appointments are available. Individuals can choose to receive communication by a method of their choice including automated telephone call, email or SMS.

If any of the information provided raises concerns a health care professionals is alerted, providing the individual with confidence that expert care is there when it is needed.

It is anticipated that using the Health Call healthy weight management service will free up valuable health care professional time as it reduces the need for face to face appointments and outpatient visits. Adopted at scale, our innovative services could save many hundreds of millions of pounds for the NHS.



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