The Health Call Undernutrition service is now delivering lunch clubs for those at risk of undernutrition and for those feeling isolated. The Health Call lunch clubs are being run alongside Age UK Darlington and technology partner Inhealthcare.

Following an initial assessment, patients are referred to the lunches weekly for three months, where they are weighed and have access to specialist advice. The Health Call lunch clubs are being held at Darlington Fire Station.

This regular monitoring means we will be able to identify anyone whose weight is changing and offer on-going support. Technology provided by Inhealthcare enables volunteers from Age UK Darlington to submit information about the patient’s weight, appetite and how they are managing with their nutritional supplements, using a smartphone or tablet app. A clinician can then review this information and get in touch with any patients they are concerned about.

The Health Call lunch clubs not only address undernutrition but also social isolation which are both causes and consequences of each other.

To talk about whether you, or someone you know, would benefit from attending, please contact Catherine, on 07717 480208 or Dave Regan, activities co-ordinator at Age UK Darlington on 01325 362832.