Easy to use digital health tools

Your healthcare provider may have recommended the use of digital health technology to help you manage your health. Digital health, commonly referred to as telehealth or mhealth, involves you self-testing and recording your health readings from the comfort and convenience of your own home.

We ensure all of our digital health services are simple to use and suit people of all ages and technical ability. Quite simply, you’ll take the relevant reading, for example, your blood pressure or INR reading using a remote monitoring device, or you’ll simply weigh yourself using your bathroom scales at home.

You will then send your reading back to your care team via a method that suits you – an automated telephone call, a text message, an app or by logging onto an online portal.

Your readings and answers are sent directly to your health professional. If any readings fall outside of set parameters your clinician will be in touch with you to discuss how to proceed with your care.

Keeping a record of your readings in this way will mean you don’t have to repeat yourself during appointments, as they are visible in your patient record.

This fresh approach to care gives you much more freedom to carry on with your everyday routine, with the reassurance that a healthcare professional is monitoring your health, and will be in touch if there are any concerns.

When polled, 100% of our self-testing patients said they would recommend the service to others

What are the benefits of digital health?

  • Your health can be monitored around your lifestyle and not NHS opening hours
  • It gives you much more freedom to make commitments such as work and family holidays
  • Digital health can give you an increased understanding of your condition
  • Digital health reduces hospital admissions as your health is more closely monitored
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