The solution? A weight management service that uses simple technology.

The Health Call Weight Management Programme, designed by clinicians, aims to help overweight patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

Our weight management programme allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patient’s progress, and provide support when needed.

The patient can choose to be contacted through either a landline or mobile telephone, where they’ll be called at a pre-agreed time. Here they will be asked questions around their general well-being, and will be asked to record their weight.  The patient uses their telephone keypad to answer questions and record their weight.

Our technology then assesses the patient’s weight and BMI. If readings fall outside of a pre-agreed parameter, alerts can be set up to make contact with the patient.

Readings are then able to flow into leading GP systems, meaning that the data inputted by the patient can flow straight into their patient record, enabling clinicians to have access to the most up-to-date information for every patient.

Similar to our other award winning services in undernutrition and INR, this service uses simple technology that both patients and staff can easily use. This technology allows healthcare professionals to remotely monitor their patient’s progress, and provide support when needed.

The benefits of the weight management service

Improved patient satisfaction with Healthcall

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Empowering the patient to manage and monitor their own health can enable them to identify cause and effect. NHS Health Call supports patients to understand their health meaning patients feel better cared for.

Properly informed decison making

Clinicians have instant access to patient data. The data the patient inputs can flow straight into leading GP systems. This means that healthcare professionals can make better informed decisions around the care of their patients.

Cost savings with Healthcall

Cost savings

Remote monitoring reduces the need for patients to travel to GP surgeries and take up appointments. Our service allows patients to take charge of their own health, meaning resource savings can be realised.

NHS Health Call improve efficiency

Improved efficiency

Remotely monitoring patients frees up the capacity of healthcare professionals, and allows resources to be used more effectively. Essentially, adopting this digital health solution means that more patients can be monitored using the same resources, without compromising on quality.

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