What are the benefits of the Health Call care home monitoring service?

  • Empowered care home staff
  • Better informed clinicians enabling improved caseload management
  • 30% reduction in community nursing visits
  • Reduced hospital admissions by an average of 2 per home per month
  • Less time spent on the phone resulting in more time with residents
  • Reassured relatives
  • Reduced duplication of work
  • Residents feeling better cared for and more involved in their own care

How does the care home service work?

The Digital Care Home service from Health Call allows care home staff to refer patients details to clinical teams using a secure portal, such as a website or app. Using the SBAR (situation, background, assessment and recommendation) Tool, staff are able to provide clinical observations such as blood pressure, oxygen saturation and provide details of their concerns. The system calculates the NEWS2 score based on the information provided.

This information can be pulled through to the patients’ electronic record on widely used systems such as EMIS and SystmOne, making it available to all appropriate clinical staff.

Care home staff provide clinical readings through a secure portal or app to clinical teams