Below are some examples of how we’ve implemented digital health technology to help professionals treat patients at scale. Our digital health technology can enable the redesign of any care pathway and therefore our product range doesn’t stop here.

Health Call medication reminders

Improving medication adherence

The service alerts patients via a communication method of their choice and reminds them to take their medication. Patients can be contacted by SMS, an app, online or by an automated telephone call.

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COPD home monitoring

Health Call COPD

Telehealth for COPD

Patients are provided with devices to monitor SP02, C02, heart rate, temperature, blood pressure and weight.

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Health Call digital care home monitoring

Electronic referrals for those who need urgent care

Care home staff provide clinical readings through a secure portal or app to clinical teams.

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Health Call gestational diabetes service

Home monitoring for expectant mothers with gestational diabetes

Pregnant mothers with gestational diabetes submit their blood glucose readings up to seven times a day depending on their condition. They can choose to use an app My Inhealthcare or SMS.

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Health Call flu vaccinations

An automated booking service for the flu vaccination

The flu vaccination service is an automated booking system for those highlighted as high risk of flu.

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Health Call smoking cessation service

Supporting citizens to stop smoking

The smoking cessation service is a behavioural nudge service to help citizens stop smoking.

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Blood Pressure Panel

Health Call hypertension service

Home monitoring for high blood pressure

Our home monitoring hypertension service enables patients to relay readings to a clinician remotely, without the need for regular appointments. If readings fall outside of thresholds, an alert is generated for follow up.

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NHS Health Call INR self-testing

Health Call INR self-testing service

Enhancing care for patients on warfarin

The Health Call INR self-testing service enables patients to self-test their international normalised ratio (INR) from their own homes, meaning they do not have to attend the warfarin clinic every few weeks.

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Undernutrition Panel

Health Call undernutrition service

An award winning digitally enabled care pathway for those at risk of undernutrition

Our award winning Health Call undernutrition programme aims to improve the well-being of patients who are at risk of undernutrition or who are already undernourished.

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Health Call Falls Prevention Service

A digitally enabled care pathway to help those at risk of falls

Our home monitoring falls prevention service aims to reduce the risk of falls in those vulnerable. Healthcare professionals are able to monitor their patient’s risk of falls using health indicators such as strength, and completion of balance exercises.

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NHS Health Call Weight Management

Health Call Weight Management Service

A digitally enabled care pathway to help patients achieve a healthy sustainable weight

The Health Call Weight Management Programme, designed by clinicians, aims to help overweight patients achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

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The INR self-testing training programme

Supporting clinicians with the successful roll out of INR self-testing

The employment of coaching skills can empower clinicians moving forward with change and a focus on the practical tasks required will support successful implementation.

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Blood Pressure Panel

Health Call long term conditions service

A digitally enabled care pathway to help treat patients with long term conditions

The Health Call long term conditions service enables health professionals to treat patients with a range of long term health conditions at scale.

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We've got more solutions that are under development.


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