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Connecting communities in the North East

Health Call brings together best in class care and technological expertise. We enable professionals to work together across our region, creating a collective power for the North East of England.

With pressures on NHS resources set to rise further over the next decade, Health Call is tackling these challenges head on.

More people living with long term conditions

In the UK, over 15 million people are diagnosed with a long term health condition and this figure is set to rise over the next decade. NHS Health Call’s digital health solutions enable many patients with long-term conditions to be monitored from home, reducing pressures on the 330 million available GP appointments each year.

A growing, ageing population

An estimated 10 million people in the UK are over the age of 65 years, and in 20 years’ time this number is set to have almost doubled to approximately 19 million. NHS Health Call’s digital care pathways enable care to be delivered at scale. Increasing capacity in this way means that health professionals can care for more patients with the same resources, all whilst ensuring patients receive quality, convenient care.

Increased pressures on clinical services

The NHS is facing unprecedented financial and resourceful pressures, with Accident and Emergency departments and General Practice under the most strain. Often patients are accessing the high cost resource of the urgent care units instead of visiting their GP. Our digital health solutions remotely monitor patients to enable any irregular readings to generate an alert. This means healthcare professional can respond with an intervention immediately intervention, reducing secondary care admissions.

Designed by clinicians, our digital health tools enable patients to live more independently whilst relieving pressures on the NHS.

What makes the Health Call digital health offering unique?

Integration into NHS clinical systems

Health Call’s digital health solutions and services feed into NHS systems including EMIS Web and SystmOne. This means health professionals have instant access to real-time patient data. Readily available and accurate data means more informed decisions can be made around each and every patient.

NHS Health Call

Data governance

Data security is at the top of our agenda. Here at Health Call, our patient data is hosted within N3 and complies to the highest data governance and security standards.

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Health Call’s digital health solutions are designed for the patient and are simple and easy to use regardless of technical ability or broadband availability. Our services are muliti channel meaning patients can select a method of communication to suit them such as a landline, a mobile telephone, a smartphone app or an online portal.

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The results of Health Call

Cost savings

Enhanced patient care

Increased efficiency