Redesigning patient care
with digital health technology

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Digital health technology made easy

With pressures mounting on clinical services, and patients calling out for a more convenient way to take care of their health, we have developed a range of digitally enabled care pathways which meet the demands of patients and the NHS.

Our award winning digital health technology means patients can self-test and self-manage their health from the comfort and convenience of their own homes. This provides patients with more freedom, whilst being reassured their health is being monitored remotely by their care team.

Patient readings recorded can flow into the patient record held in NHS clinical applications including SystmOne and EMIS Web. Therefore healthcare professionals have access to readings, without the need for unnecessary routine appointments.

Health Call’s digital health tools are all easy to use, making the experience for both patients and clinicians as effortless as possible.  Patients across the UK are using our digital health tools for a wide range of conditions from self-testing INR to managing weight or chronic pain. We also have digitally enabled care pathways for undernutrition, vital signs and falls prevention.

Our digital health services are all clinician led, meaning they are designed to solve real healthcare issues in mind. Every care pathway is made bespoke to the specific needs of the health organisation as we understand that one size never fits all.


Patients take their readings at home using a digital health remote monitoring device

Patients self-test their relevant reading such as blood pressure or INR at home using a digital health remote monitoring device. Our weight management service simply requires a set of bathroom scales. The patient then records their readings using a method that suits them such as an automated phone call at a pre-agreed time. Using the keypad, patients simply submit their readings and answer any quick questions around their health. Patients can also use SMS or log onto a secure online portal.

NHS Health Call. Patient takes their own reading at home

Patient readings are analysed and uploaded into SystmOne or EMIS Web

The data the patient inputs can be uploaded into the practice’s patient record system with just one click of a button. Here the data is analysed, and a healthcare professional is alerted if the readings fall outside of set parameters. If no readings are submitted, a clinician is alerted so immediate contact can be made with the patient.

NHS Health Call. Results analysed

Changes in treatment discussed with patient

If necessary, a healthcare professional contacts the patient to discuss changes in treatment. If no concerns are highlighted, the automatic phone calls continue as normal and the patient continues to use their digital health self-monitoring device at the specific date and time.

NHS HEealth Call. Changes in treatment discussed
Benefits of digital health for healthcare professionals

Addressing real
NHS challenges

  • Patients feel better supported and cared for
  • Data links to GP records meaning data is readily accessible
  • Reduces waiting lists and increases capacity by reducing the need for review appointments
  • Reduces the department’s travel costs and time
  • Better informed decisions can be made around care
  • It’s quick, simple and easy to use
  • Regular information means early intervention is possible
  • Data is safe and secure within the NHS N3 network
Benefits of digital health for patients

Innovative, patient-centric technology

  • Reduces regular routine appointments
  • It helps patients understand their condition
  • It’s quick, simple and easy to use
  • Clinicians are able to react to changes in treatment in a timely manner
  • GPs have access to readings so patients don’t have to answer the same questions again
  • Information is safe inside the NHS secure database
  • Reduces associated costs with regular travel to the clinic
  • Service is defined by the patient’s lifestyle not NHS opening hours

Our Digital Health Products

NHS Health Call INR self-testing

Health Call INR self-testing service

Enhancing care for patients on warfarin

The Health Call INR self-testing service enables patients to self-test their international normalised ratio (INR) from their own homes, meaning they do not have to attend the warfarin clinic every few weeks.

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Undernutrition Panel

Health Call undernutrition service

An award winning digitally enabled care pathway for those at risk of undernutrition

Our award winning Health Call undernutrition programme aims to improve the well-being of patients who are at risk of undernutrition or who are already undernourished.

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Health Call Chronic Pain Management Service

A digitally enabled care pathway to help provide patients with the knowledge and skills to self-manage their pain

Chronic pain (also known as long-term or persistent pain) is pain that persists for over three months, and may not respond to standard medical treatment making it difficult to manage. Chronic pain can impact the lives of those suffering so much that they struggle with day to day activities and the ability to work.

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