An NHS collaboration driving improved care and technology innovation across the North East of England

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Developed by the North East for the North East

Health Call is a collaboration between six NHS Foundation Trusts in the North East of England. The Trusts include County Durham and Darlington NHS Foundation Trust, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, North Tees and Hartlepool Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Health Call is a vehicle for redefining best practice, recognising specialities and accessing the diversity of care expertise in the North East, a population area of over three million people.

Developed by the North East for the North East, Health Call enables professionals in the region to implement digital care at scale. Health Call supports NHS organisations to design, develop and implement digital health services at speed, with content also made available to the other organisations in the UK.

People across the UK are already using Health Call’s tools for a wide range of conditions from self-testing INR and vital signs to managing weightchronic pain, the risk of falls and undernutrition.


Digital health that’s scalable

With one standardised common approach and clinical experts working together, innovation is spread across geographical areas, and not just isolated to individual care organisations.

NHS Health Call. Patient takes their own reading at home

Shared expertise, shared learning

Health Call brings together best in class care and technological expertise. Professionals are working together across regions, creating a collective power for the North East of England.

NHS Health Call. Results analysed

Delivering world class care for all

Health Call is driving change in the way that care is delivered, with the collaboration giving people access to some of the most advanced and effective health and social care technologies available.

NHS HEealth Call. Changes in treatment discussed
Benefits for healthcare professionals

Sharing best practice across the North East

  • Innovation and clinical expertise is shared and deployed across care organisations
  • New digital health services can be designed and rolled out at speed
  • New digital health services can be designed and rolled out at low cost
  • One common approach means deployment of digital care services can be done at scale
Benefits for patients

Innovative, people centric technology

  • People have access to some of the most advanced and effective technologies
  • Digital care monitoring means peoples can be monitored in their own homes, meaning greater convenience and freedom

Our Digital Health Products

NHS Health Call INR self-testing

Health Call INR self-testing service

Enhancing care for patients on warfarin

The Health Call INR self-testing service enables patients to self-test their international normalised ratio (INR) from their own homes, meaning they do not have to attend the warfarin clinic every few weeks.

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Undernutrition Panel

Health Call undernutrition service

An award winning digitally enabled care pathway for those at risk of undernutrition

Our award winning Health Call undernutrition programme aims to improve the well-being of patients who are at risk of undernutrition or who are already undernourished.

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Health Call Chronic Pain Management Service

A digitally enabled care pathway to help provide patients with the knowledge and skills to self-manage their pain

Chronic pain (also known as long-term or persistent pain) is pain that persists for over three months, and may not respond to standard medical treatment making it difficult to manage. Chronic pain can impact the lives of those suffering so much that they struggle with day to day activities and the ability to work.

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